How to get from Mexico City to Queretaro?


By car:

Take the highway Mexico - Querétaro (57 D). Toll booths of approximate 25 dollars need to be covered.

The distance from Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport to Juriquilla is 232 kilometers which takes about 3:45 hours driving.


By bus:

From Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport you can take a direct bus to Queretaro:

In Terminal 1, the bus bay is located in the international area between gates 7 and 8, with access through the first level, room F, next to the fast food.

In Terminal 2, the bus bay is located to one side of the terminal building, with access through hall D, door 4 or next to national arrivals.

The facilities have ticket offices, waiting room, Internet, fast food, souvenirs, rest rooms, and meetings room.
Mexico City´s bus companies that travel to Queretaro are Primera Plus and ETN

Make sure to ask for the bus to arrive at the Querétaro Bus Terminal “Terminal de Autobuses de Queretaro” (TAQ)
Approximate cost of the bus: $24 US dollars


The distance from the Queretaro Bus Terminal (TAQ) to Misión Juriquilla hotel is 22 kilometers which takes about 30 minutes driving.
In addition to the Bus Terminal located at Mexicos City´s international airport, several bus lines travel continuously to Queretaro departing from different terminals.

- Terminal camionera de Taxqueña - Terminal camionera del Norte - Terminal camionera de Observatorio - Terminal camionera de Coapa - Terminal camionera de Patio Santa Fe

How to get from Queretaro City to Juriquilla?


The distance between the Querétaro Bus Terminal (TAQ) located on the south part of the city, to the Mision Juriquilla hotel is 22 kilometers which takes about 30 minutes driving.


The distance between the Intercontinental Airport of Queretaro to Juriquilla is 42 kilometers which takes about 50 minutes driving.

International flights depart and arrive from Intercontinental Airport of Queretaro: Chicago Ill (O'Hare International Airport), Dallas, Tx (Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport), Houston, Tx (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)
Domestic flights: Monterrey, Cancun, Tijuana, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco, Tampico and Durango, Torreon and Chihuahua